Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Link Roundup and the Promise of Things to Come

Somehow the week went by without leaving me any time to write a blog post. I blame a last-minute scramble to renew my driver's license that was far more complicated than necessary. But just because I'm not contributing anything new doesn't mean there isn't news. There's plenty of it in fact. And some of it's even good! For instance:

Michael Pollan and Mark Bittman BOTH have new books out. "Cooked: A Natural History of Transformation" and "Vegan Before Six" respectively. (I don't want to get all up on a soapbox or anything but buy them at your local bookstore, not Amazon k thanks.)

California killed a bill that would have made it all but illegal to report systematic abuse of farm animals.

A study finally found some real evidence that GMO corn is toxic. (OK the fact that it's toxic isn't the best news, but we always suspected it was. I'm alright with anything that makes it harder for Monsanto to deny that.)

Check back in the upcoming weeks for some exciting new restaurant reviews, book reviews, and everything you need to know about Corn-Free-July 2013!

In the meantime, please enjoy some quality entertainment:

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