Monday, August 19, 2013

Top 5 Things I Heard About Before the Beef Recall

I was catching up on some articles that I had bookmarked a couple of weeks ago, and stumbled across a piece in the Huffington Post which said that 50,000 pounds of beef that had been recalled "due a possible e. coli contamination."

Good thing I read that article in a timely manner. Oops.

Did you hear about this? Was it big news and I've just been hiding under a rock? If you're reading this, you probably didn't eat the contaminated beef, (Congratulations!) but what if you had?

I like to think I know what's going on in food news. I pride myself on being the first to hear about boring facts like how drought conditions are affecting corn crops in South Dakota. How did this one get by me?

I don't want to sound too much like a conspiracy theorist, but in a world where we're constantly inundated with news whether we like it or not, it seems suspect that things like this that could actually be helpful to know get lost in the shuffle.

For comparison's sake, here are some "news" items from this summer that you probably heard about immediately, and from multiple sources, whether you liked it or not:

5. Miley Cyrus got a new haircut. It's short.

4. Bryan Cranston read a poem in a Trailer for Breaking Bad. It was really cool. The first time. I don't think we need to discuss what it might or might not have meant. Seems pretty obvious.

3. Something Called a Red Wedding took place on Game of Thrones. Be quiet, already! I'm only on Season 1! No spoilers!

2. Justin Bieber said something stupid about Anne Frank. And probably lots of other stupid things.

1, Kate Middleton had a baby. I guess this one is kind of relevant news. If you plan on living in England fifty years from now when he's finally king. And really, even then, he's not gonna be doing much.

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