Monday, February 4, 2013

Brand Review: Lundberg Family Farms

I'm always looking for a tasty way to minimize my intake of simple carbs. Who isn't? Brown rice is a good way to sneak a whole grain into a meal, and a great brand I recently discovered (thanks to roommates past leaving stuff in the freezer) is Lundberg Family Farms.

In addition to the usual recipes and nutrition facts found on the bag, Lundberg rice also boasts verification from the Non-GMO project, and that it's made using 100% renewable wind energy! Crazy, right?

A trip over to their website assures that, in the 76 years that the company has been family owned, it has always used farming methods that ensure the sustainability of the harvest, and the health of the soil.

Check out their website for the full collection of gluten-free foods they offer, including rice cakes in some fun flavors that make a healthy snack with a long shelf life.

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