Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Prilosec: Breakfast of Champions

Maybe I've been a foodie for too long.

Maybe I've spent too much time talking to people who love farmers' markets as much as I do. And cooking. And vegetables. And buying vegetables at farmers' markets and then cooking them.

Maybe I've completely lost any relevant idea of how the average American actually thinks about their diet and their health.

I had a bit of a shock to the system this morning while catching up on reruns of The Daily Show, because, you know, I get most of my news from Comedy Central, so I really shouldn't be calling the kettle black by complaining about how ignorant some people are, but bear with me anyway. I was just thinking to myself how creepy it is that Big Brother knows which advertisements will be relevant to me, when one came on that totally missed the mark, although it gave me a great idea for a blog post, so, thanks, Big Brother.

Have you guys seen this commercial for heartburn medicine starring redneck stand-up comedian Larry the Cable Guy?

If I'm not mistaken (and please tell me if you think I am) this commercial pretty much says that one of the greatest things about our country is that we have a pill you can take every day- not just when and if symptoms arise but actually every morning just in case they do- so you don't have to listen to your body when it tries to tell you, "Hey, whaddaya say we lay off the corn dogs for a little while?"

I think what really got me was the "this is why I love America" message.  Yeah, of course, he's making fun of himself and the redneck stereotype, that's his schtick, but he's also legitimately trying to sell the product, so we can only assume that there's supposed to be some kind of grain of truth in the character he's playing.

It's no wonder Europeans think we're idiots.

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