Friday, June 15, 2012

Union Square Farmers Market

One of the best things about living in the city is that everything is in walking distance.  Union Square in Somerville boasts an excellent farmers market on Saturdays from 9-1.  This past weekend I went with my neighbors to get supplies for a dinner party.  It's still a little bit early in the season around here for a lot of the vegetables, but we were able to get some excellent mozzarella cheese from Fiore Di Nonno, and eggs from Stillman's at the Turkey Farm.

Lots of greens like this swiss chard are in season right now.

Plants are also a big seller at early season farmers markets, and many of them are
small enough to keep in the pot on your porch or windowsill.
The recipe we made was for turkey lasagna, and turned out to be one of those unfortunate dishes that is absolutely delicious, but tragically just not photogenic, at least not for an amateur like myself.  So I'll send you on to Delishytown where I found the recipe, if you'd like to try and make it yourself.  Just remember to try and find grass-fed eggs and dairy where you can!

The Federation of Massachusetts Farmers Markets is a great way to find markets near you in the Bay State, as well as information on the participating vendors at each market and what they offer, but for those of you elsewhere, a quick Google search of farmers markets seems to yield similar results.

Farmers markets are great places to find not just the freshest local fruits and vegetables, but a fantastic array of grass-fed milks and cheeses, as well as tomato sauce, jelly, and other products that tend to have unnecessary ingredients when you buy them at the supermarket.  And of course, the best advantage is that if you're unsure where a certain ingredient comes from, you know where to find the person who can answer your questions!

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