Saturday, April 14, 2012


If you've been following the blog in the last few weeks, you know that I stopped eating meat temporarily.  The reasons for it are explained in the post Another Diet Challenge, but suffice to say for now that I returned to meat eating this past Sunday over a celebratory Easter dinner with friends and family in Connecticut.

It was a delicious meal, centered around a leg of lamb with roast vegetables.  There was also chicken & broccoli, salad, and a fabulous array of desserts.  Dinner also featured a discussion on the evils of soda that I didn't even start!  All in all, a pretty successful holiday.

And that's exactly what it was:  A holiday.  As you may remember from my mom's guest post, she hardly eats any sugar anymore, but neither that nor the presence of my Type I diabetic cousin stopped the Easter Bunny from visiting the house.  Because it was a special occasion.  Leftovers made a great lunch the next day, and I got back in touch with my inner child eating my chocolate bunny ears first, but after that, the holiday spirit kind of wore off, and the bowl of pastel-colored M&Ms and jelly beans that somehow found it's way to my kitchen table back up in Boston is greeted with more cringes than smiles by passers-by who can't help grabbing a handful.

And as for the meat, it's not as exciting having it back as I thought it would be.  Sure it's nice every once in awhile, but let's face it: it's expensive, it doesn't keep in the fridge, it's hard to cook just right, it makes a lot of dirty dishes, a lot of it's not that good for you, and the current system of supplying it simply cannot keep going the way it is forever.  A reduction in American meat consumption, as Mark Bittman and others who know more about the issues than I do suggest, is not only necessary but not that difficult, and already starting to happen nationwide.

What about you?  Have you ever tried to cut back your meat intake?  How hard was it?  Is there a favorite meat substitute that helped you?

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