Monday, July 4, 2011

Corn Free July

I miss corn.

I miss corn, and I’ve got so much respect for anyone on a special diet, whether it’s because of allergies, health, ethics, or anything else. 

It’s really hard.  Checking labels all the time, going the extra mile (literally) for grocery stores that will sell what you’re looking for, turning down dessert.  Anyone who can pull this off for longer than the three days I’ve been at it deserves a 

I was lucky to kick off the month at a cookout with a group of extremely indulgent people.  Not to say that there weren’t plenty of “corny” jokes at my expense, but on the whole, my idea is being met with much more support than skepticism.  Here's a sampling of what a corn-free party looks like, starting with bison burgers; grass-fed of course:

I couldn’t have the cheese, or the bun, but miraculously, we had organic ketchup that contained nothing derived from corn.  That was surprising; that ketchup, synonymous as it is with all things processed and unnatural and generally unhealthy, would be available without the help of America’s favorite artificial sweetener.  It gives me hope that I might make it through July after all.

My friends Tristan and Andrea grilled some shrimp kabobs with zucchini and peppers; great summer flavor and easy to cook!

My contribution to the meal was a grass-fed steak from John Crow Farm, purchased at Kendall Square Farmers Market.  It turned out to be quite the crowd pleaser.

So I guess corn isn't in everything, and you don't even have to be a social pariah to enjoy the alternatives.  I've really got to get sweets back into my life, though.  This week's farmers market excursions will be focused on searching for baking ingredients.

Happy Independence Day!

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