Monday, June 20, 2011


Please don't misunderstand me; I've got nothing against corn.  I worked on a farm for seven years, and there were days when I would deal with nothing but corn.  I'd sell it by the ear and by the dozen ears.  I'd shoo away customers who tried to strip the husks off to see what was inside.  At lunch time, I'd eat it raw.  To this day, if I do too much heavy lifting, a muscle in my left shoulder will flair up and remind me of the days when I should have stretched before tossing fifty pound sacks of corn into the bed of my little white Ford Ranger.

No, I don't have a problem with corn.  And if you offer me an ear of it during the month of July, I'll accept, so in that way, I suppose the whole project is a misnomer.  But somehow, "High Fructose Corn Syrup in the USA" doesn't seem to roll off the tongue as well.  Besides, it's not just HFCS I want to stay away from, (I hate acronyms, but we'll get to that) it's partially hydrogenated corn oil, xanthan gum, and pretty much all the other weird stuff at the bottom of the ingredients list.

So I'm going on a thirty-one day cleanse from all of it.  It's going to be hard, but it's going to be fun.  I'll get to experiment with different recipes, find new places to grocery shop, support local farmers, and, hopefully, feel healthier at the end of it.  I hope you'll stay tuned to see how it goes!

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